Help & FAQ Page

Q: How much will it cost my studio per month?

A: WaiverKing automatically counts the number of transactions per month, calculating which tier your business falls into for that month. Meaning each month could be a different tier based on how busy you are - WaiverKing is designed to breathe in and out with your business. 

Q: What is defined as a transaction in WaiverKing pricing?

A: When an eForm/eDocument/eWaiver is filed in the MindBody profile real-time. 

Q: Can WaiverKing create new profiles in MindBodyOnline?

A: Yes 

Q: Can WaiverKing find existing MindBodyOnline profiles from my old client base?

A: Yes

Q: What happens during my 15 Day FREE trial?

A: WaiverKing receives your document, we format it and send you the link. During your trial it is your responsibility to trial the document, run tests and check it does not have any errors or omissions before you send it to any of your clients. 

Q: During my 15 Day Free Trial can I send the document to my clients?

A: Yes, it is your responsibility to check the document before your customers see it. 

Q: What happens after my 15 Day FREE trial?

A: After your free trial ends we will ask you for written confirmation to start billing your credit card monthly.

Q: Where are my eForms stored once my clients fill them in?

A: WaiverKing pushes your customer's data through to their MindBodyOnline profiles in real-time. Nothing is stored in WaiverKing.

Q: Do customers receive a copy of their eWaivers/eDocuments/eForms?

  • Yes, they can do.
  • We can also switch off the email copy for PPI / HIPAA compliancy.
  • The end user (your client) can also choose to 'not send' email copy to their inbox