What operating systems does WaiverKing support?

WaiverKing is a web-based service that links to MindBody Online. Convenient access upon arrival to your facility is provided through the WaiverKing web interface developed specifically for the PC, iOS for iPad, and Android. 

What hardware do you require?

The WaiverKing app has been developed to provide convenient access to WaiverKing at your front desk sign-in station. A device that runs either iOS for iPad, or Android will ensure that customers who choose not to complete their documents at home can quickly and easily complete the required forms upon arrival without backing up at your front desk. 

How much will it cost my studio per month?

The pricing of WaiverKing is based on the number of transactions completed each month. See the pricing details section for complete details. 

Can WaiverKing create new profiles in MindBodyOnline?


Can WaiverKing find existing MindBodyOnline profiles from my old client base?


What happens after my 15 Day FREE trial?

After your free trial ends we want you to go live with WaiverKing. If this is still not an option for you due to exterior issues with MindBodyOnline or your internal administration. We can make your account dormant until you are ready to go live. If it is a matter of days WaiverKing could ask for the API fee $5 per your API locations, once a month until you are ready to go live.

Where are my eForms stored once my clients fill them in?

WaiverKing pushes your customer's data through to their MindBodyOnline profiles in real-time. Nothing is stored in WaiverKing.

What is defined as a transaction in WaiverKings pricing?

When an eForm/eDocument/eWaiver approves and is filed in MindBodyOnline.

Do customers receive a copy of their eWaivers/eDocuments/eForms?
  • Yes! They can do.
  • We can also switch off the email copy for PPI / HIPAA compliancy.
  • The end user (your client) can also choose to 'not send' email copy to their inbox


There are other services that aim for WaiverKing’s stellar results but none of them can deliver the same comprehensive suite of features, support, and value that we can!
WaiverKing has simplified and perfected the waiver/document process so you can focus on servicing your clients and growing your business.
Our unique, dynamic tool is changing the way business works by:
  • Streamlining waiver completion, storage, submissions, and integration.
  • Saving you time and money.
  • Keeping your customers happy.
  • Eliminating registration mistakes and headaches.
  • AND energizing your bottom line!
WaiverKing has perfected this vital process to ensure reliable and exceptional results for you, your business, and all your clients. With easy online access to all waiver/registration forms and our no-hassle completion process, your clients will complete and submit all forms without confusion or missteps.
Now, when they arrive at your office, everything is verified and integrated so the client can proceed without delay to their appointment. Furthermore, WaiverKing kiosks are providing full onsite document completion and submission with a simple ATM-like experience that will delight your clients with its user-friendly interface and prevent time-consuming lines and issues at your front desk.
And that’s just the beginning!…
  • Complete form customization …
  • Combined family accounts for seamless integration …
  • Alerts for improperly completed forms …
  • Multiple locations with unlimited documents …
  • Instant MindBodyOnline integration …
If it’s important to your document completion process and it energizes your business … WaiverKing has it and you’re going to love it!