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`I used to spend upwards of $20,000 per year on waivers!  With WaiverKing, my cost is a fraction of that, and I`ve also reduced the risk of being legally non-compliant.  All the waivers are now nicely categorized and available for me in MBO.` Drew Wilson -Owner

Strike Zone

`After trying a number of electronic waiver solutions, there was only one choice, WAIVERKING. We chose WAIVERKING because of its integration with MindBody. As the customer completes the online waiver, WAIVERKING creates the client profile in MindBody and uploads the waiver to the documents section of the client profile. There`s no need to re-enter information or manually upload documents, WAIVERKING does it all for you.` Ken Stewart - Owner

Modo Yoga Los Angeles

WaiverKing has been an amazing company to work with. Their paperless waiver system has allowed us to create a seamless experience for our students and to scale our business even as our student body grows and grows each year. They are responsive, flexible, and they provide an incredible product that integrates perfectly with Mindbody. We would recommend WaiverKing to anyone who is committed to helping the environment by greening their business practices. - Charis Anton, Studio Director