• WaiverKing is the only software service built from the ground up focusing on and ensuring complete MindBody Online (MBO) integration.
  • A new MBO profile created automatically for newly registered customers as soon as the electronic waiver/document has been signed.
  • For children or under-age customers, WaiverKing creates MBO profiles for the child and parent simultaneously linking their profiles and establishing their relationship in MBO.
  • Customers can sign documents either at home or upon arrival at the facility.
  • Attaches the signed document as a PDF to each applicable profile in MBO, and emails the signed document to the customer also as a PDF without intervention by your staff.
  • All historical documents are retained and stored in MBO.
  • Flexible document editor allows easy self-service:
    • Update or delete your documents yourself
    • Supports multiple locations with multiple documents.



There are other services that aim for WaiverKing’s stellar results but none of them can deliver the same comprehensive suite of features, support, and value that we can!
WaiverKing has simplified and perfected the waiver/document process so you can focus on servicing your clients and growing your business.
Our unique, dynamic tool is changing the way business works by:
  • Streamlining waiver completion, storage, submissions, and integration.
  • Saving you time and money.
  • Keeping your customers happy.
  • Eliminating registration mistakes and headaches.
  • AND energizing your bottom line!
WaiverKing has perfected this vital process to ensure reliable and exceptional results for you, your business, and all your clients. With easy online access to all waiver/registration forms and our no-hassle completion process, your clients will complete and submit all forms without confusion or missteps.
Now, when they arrive at your office, everything is verified and integrated so the client can proceed without delay to their appointment. Furthermore, WaiverKing kiosks are providing full onsite document completion and submission with a simple ATM-like experience that will delight your clients with its user-friendly interface and prevent time-consuming lines and issues at your front desk.
And that’s just the beginning!…
  • Complete form customization …
  • Combined family accounts for seamless integration …
  • Alerts for improperly completed forms …
  • Multiple locations with unlimited documents …
  • Instant MindBodyOnline integration …
If it’s important to your document completion process and it energizes your business … WaiverKing has it and you’re going to love it!